Brief dawn soundscape from Oak Ridge TN

I recorded this with a Jecklin disk and two Sennheiser omni-directional microphones. All segments were recorded on June 5, 2013. You will hear a neighborhood peacock, robin, crows, cardinal, towhee, chimney swifts, and several other birds. To demonstrate the effect of the Jecklin disk, I also included two cars going by on the road. Try listening to it with headphones.

Kids at an Everett festival giving a Kung Fu demonstration.

Sounds of Humpback whales blowing and breaching at Stellwagen Bank while on a whale watch trip.

Visit the Seven Seas whale watch website

I'm glad I wasn't outside when this guy was buzzing around my boundary microphones

Caterwauling of Cats, 3/2005>

My dog growling

bull frogs at Wakeeda Campground in NH, 8/04.

Marine toads, recorded by Shannon Thomas, FL

Grey Tree Frogs (Recorded while on an evening walk in my neighborhood)

Spring peepers recorded on Floral Street in Shrewsbury, MA, 4/05. (Tiny treefrogs)

Green frogs at Wakeeda Camp Ground in NH.

gray squirrel, (Carolina wren singing in the background)

fall night soundsin Shrewsbury

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