Miscellaneous Recordings

Sounds of Sweden

My wife Elaine and I visited Sweden in May 2014. These recorded snippets include arriving in Stockholm, a ferry ride with lots of animated conversation, a siren, music and talk at a Norway Day festival at the Skanson outdoor museum in Stockholm, birds, the ticking of an audible pedestrian crossing signal, bells at the Royal Pallace, and more.

Ships passing in heavy fog in Hong Kong

Fred Leung recorded this on March 15, 2011. He wrote: "I live by the sea. Every spring, it would be quite foggy sometimes in Hong Kong, especially in March and April. Under marine navigation regulations, ships are required to sound their horns regularly to indicate their locations for safety reasons."

Psaltery, harp, and Convergent flute

At a renaissance festival in Charlton, Massachusetts, Abby Michaels tells my companions and me about her instruments, including the Divergent Flute, made of two penny whistles tied together in the shape of a V so that their mouthpieces touch. She blows into both mouthpieces simultaneously and fingers one whistle with each hand. She and her husband Jay comprise "The Harper and the Minstrel". You can learn more about them and buy their CD's at: The Harper and the Minstrel

Birds of prey lecture

Informal talk on birding, given by Dr. Bob Collier at the Powell TN public library on May 21, 2007

Three Rivers cruise on the Gateway Clipper in Pittsburgh, PA


My brother Terry bought a whistle called a Fulton Aermore Big Fourat a garage sale. It was made to be attached to the exhaust pipe of a Model A or Model T car. Here's what it sounded like when he blew compressed air through it.

Phoenix Swords Presentation

I wish to thank my friends Frank and Holly Hunt for this next recording, which is of a sword show which they and others from Phoenix Swords put on in the fall of 2006 for the congregation of Wellspring United Methodist Church of Shrewsbury Massachusetts. You'll hear some verbal descriptions of their equipment and actions. (At the beginning, you can hear my friend Bob checking out my Garmin GPS device). Click here to visit the Phoenix Swords web site Listen to the Sword Show

Sounds of Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle

I recorded this one on April 3, 2005 at the famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, WA. You can visit the fish market at

Pike Place Fish Market

Brief recordings of interesting Accents"

Elaine asks for directions

I really wanted to know what they had for sale at this garage sale, but the seller didn't seem inclined to tell me. My dog and I stop at a yard sale in my neighborhood

Natives of Uniontown PA talk about meatloaf

Friendship Bell

  • Family visit to Oak Ridge, Tennessee to see the Friendship Bell
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