The Bird Blind

What's a Bird Blind?

A blind or bird blind is a shelter, often camouflaged, that is used to observe wildlife, especially birds, at close quarters.

Saying I "bird blind" would be accurate, but I prefer to call it "birding by ear."

Miscellaneous interesting sounds

Nature for the Blind

Includes international directory of accessible nature trails.

Nature Soundmap

from professional nature recordists around the world

Laura Erickson's For the Birds

Outstanding podcasts and more

All About Birds, a wonderful resource from Cornell University

Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds



Frogs, Animals, and other sounds.

Links to birding and audio resources.

Seven Islands State Birding Park in East Tennessee

While birding here, my brother and I happened to meet the creator of this photographic interpretation of Seven Islands State Birding Park

Brief soundscape I recorded at Seven Islands on 4/20/15.

"While a picture is worth a thousand words, a sound is worth a thousand pictures." R. Murray Schafer via Bernie Krause.

Ray Brown's Talkin Birds

Talkin Birds is a wonderful radio show about birding. It is broadcast live on several radio stations on Sunday mornings and includes a mystery bird contest where listeners call in and try to identify a bird by its sound. Each weekly broadcast is made available as a podcast which can be downloaded.

The Miracle of Nature

Celebrating nature near at hand

The Music of Nature

Lang Elliott is one of the world's foremost nature recordist. His website is a wonderful resource for nature sound recordings and related information and products

Miscellaneous sounds

Other links of interest to me

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